WheelsOnsite® offers a revolutionary process that has become the preferred method of repair for cosmetically damaged aluminum wheels.

To begin, WheelsOnsite® commits to guaranteed next day service; this guarantee allows the shop to have the confidence in their business partner to be an ally in reducing cycle time.

Wheels are reconditioned on the vehicle using our patented Wheelathe™ technology. Patent #7018156.  The on car method of repair eliminates the need for dismounting, shipping, exchanging, and remounting the tire and wheel which generally increases the cycle time of the repair.

Our Wheelright® reconditioning process begins with a functional step to differentiate cosmetically damaged wheels from structurally damaged wheels.  When a structurally damaged wheel is uncovered the shop is quickly notified to reduce potential liability.

WheelsOnsite’s® technicians are trained in the art of metal finishing, which is an old trade dating back to the 1950’s.  This training allows our technicians to recondition damage on many different types of aluminum wheel finishes that include painted, polished and machine faced.

WheelsOnsite’s® research and development team continues to refine and update our paint formulas to keep pace with the ever changing market of wheel colors.  WheelsOnsite utilizes ‘special sauce’ proprietarien mix as a high quality clear coat providing a hardened finish to protect your wheels against the elements of the open road.

WheelsOnsite’s® best in class “ONCAR. ONSITE. ONTIME.®” service helps reduce cycle time, reduce cost, limit liability all while committing to 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty on delamination.